My name’s Neil, and my whole goal is to help people succeed in the business of football. Whether you aspire to be an agent, a scout, a financial planner, a combine trainer or anything else in the world of the gridiron, I want to help.

My 9-to-5 job is running Inside the League, a website for football professionals. We provide information (via our password-protected blog), tools, archives, one-on-one assistance, and everything else for people in the business. We also work aggressively to inform the parents of aspiring NFL players on the dos and don’ts, the ups and downs, of NFL football. I’m also a partner in Champions Search Firm, which helps schools fill vacancies on their athletic staffs, especially in football and especially in Texas. We’ve placed more than 30 coaches, athletic directors, and even one college coach, in the last seven years.

We have a series of newsletters (all free) that are targeted at various segments of the industry, so if you’re interested in getting on one of our mailing lists, or you want to talk about the football business, or you want to talk about how the Saints are God’s favorite team (just joking) (not really), email me at nstratton@insidetheleague.com. We take pride in communicating with our readership and helping any way we can.

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  1. Edward Davis said:

    Go falcons lol

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