I think I’ve mentioned in this space that one of the companies I work with is called Champions Search Firm. We help fill vacancies on athletic staffs. Historically, we’ve worked with schools in Texas only — one college and about 40 high schools since the mid-00s, from head coach to Director of Athletics — though we’re starting to get international inquiries now as well as looks from schools in other states that take their football seriously.

However, in a couple weeks, I’m going to flip the script a bit. On Sunday, April 26, we’re going to host our first-ever Champions Search Firm Young Coaches Seminar in my hometown of Katy, TX. That afternoon — we’ve set it up so coaches can drive in that morning, then drive home that evening without a hotel stay — we’re going to speak to coaches about how to move up in their careers. If they’re junior high coaches, we want to teach them how to get high school jobs. If they’re high school assistants, we’re looking to help them get head coaching jobs. If they’re small-school head coaches, we want to give them tips on getting the top job at bigger schools. If they’re not in Texas, we want to show them how to get to the Great State. You get the picture.

It’s gonna be pricey: $100 for an afternoon of instruction, and my early entreaties to the people in our database have given me a little pushback on the price. This puzzles me. I don’t know of anywhere else you can find people who will teach a young coach how to craft his resume; what to say (and not say) in an interview; how to build a program; and how to sell one’s self in a business that traditionally attracts people who aren’t self-promoters.

What’s more, we’re bringing experts. I’ll be providing an overview of the process, from interviews to references to assorted other topics (not that I’m an ‘expert’). Jason Montanez, author of ‘Lead, Sell, Care,‘ will talk about how to sell yourself to schools in your email queries, your personal manner and your interview. Jason is a high-energy guy with an infectious smile, and he lights up the room when he talks while, at the same time, coming across in an authoritative, no-bull way. Our keynote speaker will be Bob Ledbetter, whom I call the ‘Tom Landry of Texas High School football’ (I need to trademark that some day). Bob has not only won three state championships at the highest level (Southlake Carroll, which was Class 5A back then, Class 6A now), but he hired a coach, Todd Dodge, who won several more at the same school. He’s forgotten more about how to win as a high school coach than almost anyone knows, and what’s more, he’s got a great dry-wit sense of humor. He’ll talk about how to build a program, and how to build a plan that will excite any potential employer.

If you are a high school coach in Texas (or anywhere within driving distance), we’d love to have you there. I’ll have more details in this space as we get closer to it. Have a great weekend.