I’ve got thoughts on lots of different things, so rather than drone on and on about any one of them, I’ll touch on several topics today.

  • I know this is 2014, and we’re not supposed to be shocked by anything anymore, but did you know there is a service that ranks national youth football teams as young as fourth grade? Here are the sixth-grade rankings; my son, who weighs 90 pounds and played his second-ever football game on Saturday, faced the No. 2 team on this list on Saturday. He’s one of 14 players on the team; five others are in their first year on the gridiron. On Saturday, due to injuries and illness, we dressed 12 for the game. The results were pretty much predictable. By the way, when we shook hands after the game, I was able to look their biggest player (No. 50, pictured in the above link) in the eye. Actually, I looked up to him a bit, and I’m more than 6-3. He probably had me by about 30 pounds and I weigh 230. Crazy on a lot of levels.
  • LSU OT La’el Collins strongly considered leaving for the NFL after last season; in fact, it was a major surprise that he didn’t exit for pro football glory last January, as so many Tigers do every year. As always, it’s smartest to strike while the iron is hot. I texted with two scouts today and they both say he’s gone from a left OT prospect to more of a right tackle or even a guard prospect. No way he’s in the first-round conversation anymore based on the first third of the season.
  • Interesting comments from Shannon Sharpe here. Probably the closest I’ve heard to how I feel about it. There are limits to what even the NFL can do to control its players.
  • I told you in this space that I would be doing Leigh Steinberg’s new radio show on Yahoo! Sports radio tonight, but I’ve been moved to Oct. 6. I hope you can join us, especially if you’re interested in the football business and how you can get started, get established, and eventually build success in the game.