In this space, I normally try to provide answers to questions I’ve received over the years, or guidance where I think it’s needed for people aspiring to make football their lives’ work. Today, I guess, I want to make sure I’m covering everything you, my reader, needs.

On Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m., as I’ve already mentioned, I’ll be interviewing former Redskins, Texans and Lions pro and college scout Miller McCalmon for a presentation before the Rice University Sport Business Society (it will be in Herring 100 if you’re in town). It will be called ‘Inside the War Room,’ and among the things we’ll talk about is Miller’s career in scouting, from being required to get a $10,000 line of credit to be considered for an unpaid internship with George Allen’s Redskins to being in the room a week before the 2006 NFL draft when a running backs coach — of all people — helped convince the team that N.C. State DE Mario Williams should be the team’s No. 1 overall pick, and not Heisman Trophy-winning USC RB Reggie Bush.

Of course, because this is an Inside the League event, I want every student and young professional who attends to have a better understanding of what it takes to work in professional football and, more importantly, how to get that ‘big break’ that could launch your career. As such, I need questions from you, my reader. What do you wonder about? What strategies are you considering? What is precluding you from ‘going for it’ and pursuing an NFL career, and what do you need to know to help you make up your mind?

Of course, there are other questions I haven’t even thought of, and that’s why I need you to go here and add yours. I’ll try to pick at least one (and maybe several) to pose to Miller, and we’ll bring his answer back to you in this space. For what it’s worth, we’ll also be posting video of the entire program on our YouTube channel sometime before Christmas, so stay tuned for that, too.

I’ve found there’s nothing more riveting than talking to a seasoned veteran of player evaluation; their old stories and experiences offer a treasure chest of insights and bits of information that are tantalizing to a football junkie like myself. I think you feel the same way. Help me get information that will make a big difference for you professionally next week by sharing your questions here.