I haven’t treated readers to a War Story Wednesday in quite a while, so I thought I’d pass along something of note that happened here in Arlington, Texas, during preparations for the College Gridiron Showcase.

Tuesday was weigh-ins, maybe the most important event of the week for the 106 players on CGS rosters. For National Football Scouting, which always conducts weigh-ins, it’s always a hassle getting the players where they’re supposed to be, then getting them lined up and into their shorts so they can be weighed, measured and paraded across the stage so team officials can check out body types.

As everyone assembled yesterday, there were three players still unaccounted for. After several phone calls and rooms checked, game organizers found two of them, but a third was still MIA. Turns out there was a good reason for that: he was being stalked by a his ‘baby mama.’

The story we heard was that this young man was behind on child support, and had been located by the mother of his child, who lives in the Dallas area or nearby. Intent on getting her money, she started blowing up his phone early-morning Tuesday, challenging him to produce the necessary funds or risk her showing up and causing a big scene in front of scouts and team officials watching players’ every move.

Apparently, the gamble worked, and he was ready to make good, but there was a problem: she wasn’t waiting around for weigh-ins to conclude. That meant that, mid-weigh in, the young man had to find an ATM machine. Fast. Only, he couldn’t find one in the hotel lobby, so he had to run across the street to a convenience store, half-dressed, where the frustrated former paramour was waiting. He quickly withdrew the money and sent her on her way, keeping scouts waiting to get his height and weight.

The story has a happy ending for all concerned. After sprinting back across the street, he stripped down to his shorts, stepped on the scale, and satisfied the needs of the assembled evaluators.

Hopefully, the coming months will be less eventful for the young man as he seeks to make his NFL dreams come true.