I mentioned late last week that I conducted interview skills training for two young men who’ll be in Indianapolis this week, SFA OH Gus Johnson and Texas A&M OH Trey Williams. Here’s the video, if you want to check it out.

My film guy, Chris Bailey, is a longtime friend of the family who also works with my wife at our church. However, he’s also a highly accomplished back judge in the Texas high school football ranks, annually working several games per week plus top playoff games. He’s also a college ref, and there’s a great chance he’ll be a full-time member of a Big 12 or SEC crew someday soon. At any rate, he’s a veteran of the high school game in Texas. Last Friday, we were setting up for the shoot when Chris realized he had worked a game during Trey’s senior year at DeKaney High School in Spring, Texas.

At one point during that game, Chris recalled Trey taking the ball in the backfield, breaking through the line and into the open field. As defenders gave chase, Chris realized Trey was running directly at him. This meant Chris had to keep up with a young man who can probably run the 40 in the 4.4 range, only Chris had to do it while backpedaling.

As Chris maneuvered backwards, he changed direction to avoid the oncoming rusher, but Trey shifted and ran straight at him. Bewildered, Chris shifted again, and so did Trey. At this point, Chris peered into Trey’s face mask and realized the young man had a broad grin on his face, even as he took it to the house. Chris wondered, is he messing with me?

After the game, Chris caught up to Trey. “Hey, why wouldn’t you let me get out of your way?” he asked.

“Aw man, you were my blocker!” Trey responded with the same broad grin.

Chris hadn’t realized that as he backpedaled, he had shielded Trey from pursuing defensive backs.

Trey’s a pretty resourceful young man. Remember that as you’re watching him do his thing at Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday when he runs for the scouts (and the cameras) on the NFL Network as part of Group 6.