Ever thought about being an NFL scout? Ever wanted to intern for a major football agency? If the answer to either question is ‘yes,’ consider brushing up your resume. Fast.

There’s a lot going on in the football world these days between free agency, pro days and the various combines the NFL will be holding in the next two weeks. However, behind the scenes, where we ‘live,’ there’s plenty of maneuvering for what happens after the draft, namely, making a few hires.

I’ve been working with a couple college students on their applications with NFL teams over the past month, trying to find a good fit for a scouting internship. Now is the time to really start bearing down on this process. NFL teams gather resumes in March, start sifting through them and cutting to a few finalists in April, then choose a few lucky winners in May, when the draft is over and things slow down. The application process is tricky, of course, but you don’t want to wait if that’s something you’re entertaining. And of course, it doesn’t hurt if you know someone in the game.

The same is true of agencies or sports marketing firms. If you’re looking to help out at a big firm this summer, now is the time to start looking for options. Look locally first, but if you don’t find many agencies, you may have to throw out caution and just go for it, applying with whoever will take you. The bigger the firm, the less your responsibilities, usually, but the better your chances of early success in the business if you decide to pursue it.

Today, I learned that one of my top interns landed a summer internship with a firm that could be representing the top pick in the draft next month. I couldn’t be happier for him or more excited that he’s getting this opportunity, but it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t started the process very early, applying this winter and interviewing over spring break.

It’s always tempting to put things off, but don’t make that mistake. Get rolling on making your dreams come true so that someone else who acted sooner doesn’t make them come true for them. And if you need help or have questions, and you’re serious about the business, let me know at nstratton@insidetheleague.com.