On Monday, we got to know Ed Wasielewski, one of the four NFLPA contract advisors profiled in The Agent, which kicks off Tuesday, Aug. 11, on the Esquire Network. Today, we’re talking to Rick Roberts, who isn’t technically an agent, though he gets plenty of airtime on the show’s first airing next week.

Rick is Director of Personnel for Monroe, La.-based Pro Source Sports and Entertainment. He’s got years of experience in the business and knows the Southeast like the back of his hand. That gives him a lot of perspective on agents, the recruiting of players, scouting and the other features of the game that will be part of the show.

Here are a few of Rick’s thoughts.

On selecting the players Pro Source would recruit for the ’15 draft, and that would be featured on the show: “Jeff (Guerriero, who owns Pro Source Sports) had to find out the stuff he was interested in, the background checks to make sure these were the type of people we wanted to represent, that type of thing. I mean, everyone can watch (players) and see how good a player they are, but being a great player doesn’t always translate to the NFL. With the off-the-field stuff, you have to be careful. You can throw a lot of money away on a guy whose off-the-field behavior can cost you a fortune.”

On adjusting to the cameras: “It’s totally different working when there’s camera’s pointing at you 24-7, especially me. There were probably a lot of beeps in there or they may have to take me completely out (laughs). My language Is not a strong point. There were many times we’d go through something and the sound guys would be on the floor laughing, and I’d think, ‘this is not gonna be good for air.’”

On getting to see meetings and discussions with scouts and teams: “Going into meeting with those guys, they were actually pretty open to it, and that surprised me. You’ll see in the show there’s interviews with higher-up personnel in the NFL, and this is going to be new stuff that people haven’t seen before. . . We’ve been able to establish really good relationships, and I think (our NFL contacts) were really good about helping us. There are going to be some interviews where it’s pretty impressive, and it’s been pretty neat to watch.”

On retribution from friends who see him on the show: “You’re hoping you come across great to your friends. I have some buddies that aren’t going to cut me any slack, and they’re gonna be hard on me (laughs). These are the type of guys, especially in the football business, they’re gonna definitely remind you of it. Having 10 weeks of it should keep everybody on their toes for sure.”