Today, let’s meet a third member of the Esquire Network’s new docu-series, ‘The Agent,’ which kicks off Tuesday at 10pE/9pC.

Peter Schaffer of Denver-based Authentic Athletix is probably the most seasoned and experienced of the four contract advisors followed on the show, having represented Barry Sanders and Jerome Bettis during their careers, among others. Peter comes across well as a regular guy in a business that attracts flashy types.

Here are a few nuggets from a conversation I had with Peter last week.

On his wife’s initial misgivings about the show: “My wife (Alison) was a little cautious at first, and as the process went on and they would send us certain clips, she became very comfortable . . . I think the only apprehension that my wife had was, . . . what type of show were they going to try to make? They had expressed to me that their goal was it being presented in a positive light, and that’s what’s happened. My wife was more skeptical because she watches more TV than I do and she’s seen other documentary series, but I think the people at Esquire did a great job of assuaging fears, through action and not words.”

On NFL scouts and administrators’ doubts about being filmed: “It was one of those things where it took a lot of time to make people understand that everybody wants to show what we do. To me, everybody sees the GM, but not the contract negotiator and the scout, and I wanted to portray them as quality people that do a lot of heavy lifting but do not get a lot of the credit.”

On his goals for the show: “A large quantity of people in this business get a raw stereotype and I’d like to try to change that so people realize it’s not just myself and the other three, but all agents that try to help these young men and their families.”

On the uncertainty of recruiting players on camera that might not sign with him: “I never thought about that. Not signing everyone you recruit is part of the deal. Nobody bats 1.000 and the victories and the successes are as much a part of the business as anything. You’re not going to get every player and coming in second place doesn’t make you a bad person. That’s all part of the business, and the players can only sign with one agent, and just because you don’t get a player doesn’t make you a bad person or an inadequate agent. There are a lot of good agents out there. It’s just part of the business.”