We’ve been gathering feedback from agents large and small ever since last night’s first episode of ‘The Agent’ on the Esquire Network. Here, (mostly) unedited, is their feedback:

  • “I’ve watched Jerry Maguire, Arliss, Ballers, even Ari Gold on Entourage. All different styles of depicting “agent representation”. Showing the exciting Hollywood version of the fast paced glamorous lifestyle of being a sports agent or someone in the agent representation business. But thanks to the endorsement of friend Neil Stratton who runs Insidetheleague.com I just watched “The Agent” on Esquire. I’m not saying that I’m at the same pitch as the 4 agents in the docuseries. But most of the experiences, emotions, trials and tribulations of being an agent I can personally relate too. It’s not so glamorous of a life as Hollywood portrays. We are not all snakes out to just make the big score so we can party on a Yacht. Most of us NFL agents are just blue collar types, trying to make a dent in a business that is cutthroat. Most of us have other 9-5 jobs to pay the bills. But we still are agents 24-7. We mainly do it because we simply love sports and making a difference in players lives. If you want to know what it’s truly like being a sports agent, I dare you to watch “The Agent” on Esquire. So far it’s by far the best “representation” of the representation business.”
  • “First and foremost, they did a great job of making this first episode feel like a documentary series and not a reality show. I know that’s what they were going for, and they did an outstanding job of accomplishing this. They also did a great job of giving all 4 agents their ‘moment in the sun’. It’s tough to do sometimes, but I thought that every one of them was able to be spotlighted for an extended period of time and, essentially, tell their story (or at least the beginning of it, considering it was only the first episode). It was the first episode, but Jeff’s ‘story’ was definitely the most boring. Hopefully they pick him up some! Ed is great – love watching him. Peter is cool, too, although he is VERY business-like and extremely serious. Sunny is a character. I don’t know him, and have never met him, but he seems like a pretty genuine dude. Man…Tevin Coleman sure is a ball of energy and extremely out-going, huh? (Haha, I kid, I kid).”
  • “Impressed with the show. Ed and Sunny seem like likeable guys. “I’m never wrong about the sleepers.” LOL. Man, I hate the locker room scene . . . where Ed meets Tevin’s dad. Ed did well with it.”
  • “Very well done. I really liked Ed, seems like a good guy. I know Peter is a vet, liked how he showed concern for Halliday. Felt bad for Sunny regarding the mentor. I’m thinking he didn’t make the last-minute flight to meet the advisor. For some reason, Jeff G came off as the least likeable for some reason, it seems like he’s just in the business for the glitz and glamour. Loved how the show showed the realistic side of the business. Felt like Tevin Coleman was tuning out Ed in the meeting. All in all a great look at the business, excited to see next week’s episode!”
  • “Loved it, Neil. I scribbled 3.5 pages of notes. I like all the agents and most of their approach but of course I really like Schaffer and gotta go with JG being from the south. I’ll bet Shah ends his recruitment of Trail and Ed doesn’t sign Coleman. You pretty much gotta be a crazy SOB to do our job. Each client is like another high maintenance girlfriend who has to be constantly kept happy or else a new Romeo is there promising they can fulfill their every need much better than their current sugar daddy.”
  • “Good show that gives insight into the business and daily life of an agent. Peter and Ed seem like some really good, down-to-earth guys. Looking forward to seeing how the show progresses.”
  • “I liked it so far. I don’t believe it’s really going to show how they really recruit, but it sounds good. . . But I think this is a great depiction of the clean side of the agent world because that’s all I expect to be exposed. I will watch the whole season. I just hope the four guys stay true the whole season. But I’m skeptical, I guess. . . I guess I am interested to see how much of the agent world makes it to the show, or if they keep up the common misconceptions. Like how you were tweeting common misconceptions last night – if they will shed light on those things to educate the viewers. Like show each guy pitch their recruits. They showed Sunny and some of Ed. I’m interested in seeing the level of transparency contrasted between the four agents. I don’t want it to be superficial, but I feel it will be. We’ll see. On a brighter note, I didn’t see them doing anything I do not do, so does that mean I know what I’m doing? And Ed is crazy for driving all those miles. Is he afraid to fly? No thanks.”
  • “Everyone looks nicer than they actually are, I think for TV, but it was pretty accurate. Actually don’t like having the general public see everything we do and how to do it. The ‘dating’ and driving and dealing with family and relationships are very good takeaways that could help us good agents. ‘I hope he texts me. I hope he likes me. Will he give me his number?’ . . . Spending lots of time and money recruiting (they haven’t gotten to training yet) for guys that take illegal money and don’t sign with you anyway.”
  • “I liked it. Thought it was good, but thought they should have gone more in depth in the preseason process of how they agent made a decision on who they were going to go after: the grades, scout insight, how they got in contact in the first place, etc. . . . The agency direction, marketing, brand management, etc.”
  • “From what I saw, there were definitely some spot-on moments that show what an agents life is like i.e., lot of awkward meetings and introductions, an exorbitant amount of time waiting on players to meet, and always having someone else in the meetings or that they want you to talk (to). However, I wouldn’t want to be known as the TV agent. Will be interested to see how these guys do in the recruiting process next year.”