One thing that intrigues me (and a lot of people) is the scouting process, and how NFL teams evaluate players. Is there one team that seems to do a better job than others, and that most NFL teams recognize as superior in the draft process?

In Fall 2014, during a presentation for sport management majors at Rice University, I asked former Texans, Redskins and Lions scout Miller McCalmon if there was one team known around the league as the best at finding college talent. If you’d rather watch him respond than read his response, click here.

“Without question, the Green Bay Packers probably do as good a job as anybody in the league. Somebody did a statistical analysis, and they listed the amount of players, I think at the start of the year (in 2014) that were drafted players. Green Bay had the most percentage of drafted players of any other team in the league. I would think Baltimore would be up there pretty high, too; they do a good job of drafting.

“It was interesting. Along with my duties as a pro scout in Detroit, I did the advanced scouting, so I never watched us play. I was always at our next opponent’s game. I had to write a report, and I’d get that prepared during the week, then after the game I would finish it up and send it to the intern, and he would run it off and hand it to the coaches so they’d have my report from the game. But we would have a section in there of the free agent signings and that sort of thing. A couple of years, Green Bay didn’t have any. Most teams would have four or five guys that they signed as free agents; well, Green Bay wouldn’t have any at times. Now, later on in the season, it would be more because they’d have to pick up somebody because of injuries or that sort of thing. But I think statistically, if you go down and you look at their roster, they have more drafted players on their roster than probably any other team, and I’d be surprised if there was anybody that didn’t have that.”