There’s a member of a recent agent class that loves to tweet 20-30 times per day, sometimes more. He does this despite the fact he’s got fewer than 500 followers. In fact, my former intern and I coined a term for having more followers than tweets — it’s a ratio named after this agent.

The funniest part is that probably half of his tweets are about how he’s ‘grinding.’ He usually throws in a hashtag to really drive that point home. In fact, whenever my associate and I see him at an all-star game or the combine, it’s a contest to see which one of us can say “grinding.” first.

I dropped by the NFLPA website today and found, to my surprise, that the members of the 2015 contract advisor class have already been added, maybe a week or so earlier than normal. To those new agents, I wanted to say, “Welcome to the grind.”

I’ve spoken to dozens of agents who passed the exam, and they are all brimming with excitement. The intrigue and the excitement of the business are before them, and they want to dig in, but often, they don’t quite know where to start. In these cases, I’m only too happy to help get them on the road to success with a few simple steps.

On the other hand, I also contrast the excitement of a new start in the game with the response I often get from those same agents a year later, when they’ve gotten a taste of the business. They’re a lot more realistic about their expectations, and they are a lot more aware of the costs (financial and otherwise) associated with the business. They also better understand the competition before them and the forces pushing back, from the NFLPA (often) to the schools that presume they have bad intentions.

But now’s not a time for that. Instead, I’m excited that there are more than a hundred new faces in the game, eager to make their mark and help guide young men along the road to realizing a dream. I might add that I’m here to help everyone who’s newly certified. At Inside the League, we’ve been fortunate to be a helping hand to those who are themselves looking to live a dream, and we’re happy to walk with you.

This is a day for celebration. Congratulations on your arrival! Now it’s time to get down to business.