By now, you’re more than likely aware that Ohio State was toppled from the ranks of the unbeaten Saturday at the hands of Michigan State. You’re probably also aware that there was a good bit of frustration in the Buckeyes’ locker room afterwards, including some interesting comments and Tweets from the players.

One of those comments came from Bucks OH Ezekiel Elliott, who expressed frustration with the coaches’ play-calling and declared his OSU career over shortly after the game.

Elliott’s comments and self-control came into question in some quarters on the Web, so I reached out to some scouting friends for their reaction. They were in three camps. First, those who don’t believe it will have any effect.

  • “Why would it, do you think? Just typical ‘me generation’ behavior. Nothing to be read into other than the obvious.”
  • “No, especially when the head coach said the same thing.”
  • “Probably not (going to affect his draft status).”

Then there was one who thought it would be an issue.

  • “Yes, for sure. That kind of selfish behavior will have to be investigated further. . .  Also poor timing on announcing he will go pro. Sounds like an immature kid wanting attention.”

And one who said it may not, but it will probably complicate things.

  • “Most likely not. It will just cause him a lot more tough questions during interviews. Folks will push him with an aggressive line of questions to see if he maintains his composure or if he perhaps is what those thoughts reflect: self-centered. Someone once told me the best RB’s are guys that know how to appreciate and build up the OL, and in turn the OL want to block for a guy that makes everyone feel good, gives others credit. He might be best matched with an older Vet RB to show him that path.”

Ultimately, Elliott’s game will determine where he’s drafted, and a team that falls in love with the Buckeye may scrutinize his comments, but it’s unlikely it could have a major impact. Of course, different teams vet players differently, but it only takes one team to draft a player in the first round, or in some other early round. It will be interesting to see where he lands.