Last season around the end of this month, we featured a handful of players that were as yet unsigned with agents and, we thought, promising. Two of the four in that article landed with NFL teams the following spring and had extended runs, and both remain on rosters.

The first post was so well-received that we trotted out another batch the following week. One of them made it to a camp and another to a prominent all-star game. In all, we worked with 10 players and six got into camp, at the least. Though none are necessarily slated for a Pro Bowl, making a 90-man roster is no small achievement for these young men and something they should be proud of.

This year, we’ve decided to go off script a bit (yes, we still owe you a WSW for this week, sorry) and post a handful of deserving players a little earlier, hoping it gets them the attention from agents that they seek. We’re all about putting good, deserving players with good contract advisors whenever possible.

As always, there’s this disclaimer: the following players are certainly no lock to be drafted, nor to make a camp. Still, we think they certainly bear consideration and feel that though they aren’t without flaws, they are certainly on scouts’ radars, or will be soon. They are presented in alphabetical order.

Brian Berzanski, OT, Central Missouri: Brian’s not getting a lot of pub, and that’s a little puzzling given that he’s essentially a four-year starter at a super-glam position, left tackle. He probably lacks classic height for the position, and there’s no denying he comes from a small school, but as one scout once told me, when it comes to offensive linemen, they almost have to prove they can’t play. There’s a true scarcity when it comes to players that are around 6-5 and 300-plus. They’re not so sexy, but who cares? They tend to play a long time.

Ryan Burbrink, WO/KR, Bowling Green: Look, Ryan isn’t big (5-8, 183), he didn’t put up eye-popping numbers his senior year, and slot guys aren’t sexy. And Ryan’s got ‘slot guy’ written all over him, but hey, what’s wrong if he develops into the next Amendola, Welker or Edelman? What’s even better is that he returns punts. When you’re talking about players that are going to fight to make a roster (even a 90), they better have special teams encoded in their DNA. That won’t be a problem with Burbrink. And if you’re asking, why didn’t he get 1,000 yards receiving or 100 catches, understand that Bowling Green had a four-deep receiving corps that would be the envy of most BCS schools.

James Harris, QB, California (PA): Harris is interesting because he has an FBS background, only not in football but in baseball. His athleticism is not in doubt, and he’s just tall enough to check all the boxes, though he’s off the radar because he’s a little on the old side and, of course, did all of his damage on the D2 level. Still, he’s got lots of upside and teams are always looking for quarterbacks. He’s also in the running for a postseason all-star game, which could give him a chance to impress NFL teams.

If any of these players interest you, and you’re an ITL client, let us know. We’re happy to pass along contact info so you can begin a dialogue.