Before we go forward, I want to make something clear: Aaron Wilson has little to no ego. He never goes around talking about how cool he is, or how cool his job is, or anything of the sort. However, I asked my assistant, Mark, to specifically ask him a couple of questions related to the fun part of his job, and when he’s thought, ‘wow, this is something I’m really glad I’m doing.’

It might not be necessary, but I just wanted to offer that disclaimer. Here’s Part Two of our interview with Aaron:

When was the moment when you thought to yourself, “I’ve got a cool job?”

“I’ve had that feeling a few times, and some times it will sink in during an owner’s meeting. I remember, this was when Steve Bisciotti bought the rest of the Ravens. I was at the meeting when he was being approved as the majority owner. The owners had to sign off on Steve, and it was just a formality. I was sitting there with Steve in Palm Beach, Fla., and we are just hanging out at the Breakers Hotel and I see (Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones and (Redskins owner) Daniel Snyder walking by, and I am just hanging out with Steve, who is just a regular guy who started a business and made a name for himself. Right then it kinda sunk in, “hey, you are doing something pretty cool.” I can remember another time, since I’m thinking of Steve, who is just a great guy, with my high school teammate from Washington D.C., Kevin Plank, who founded Under Armour. I was hanging out with Kevin and Steve at Ravens training camp practice a few years back at the Naval Academy where they were having a practice for the fans. It was nice sitting there talking to those guys who are two respected and accomplished people. They kept talking with me over articles that I wrote, or they thought was interesting, and they weren’t trying to butter me up. They were just really genuine and cool. It was a good feeling.”

What makes the job fun?

“I like the relationships that you build and getting information. I’m very competitive. I like to get the story out first, but I also like to get it right. Like when you get a long-term relationship with someone, you are going to get good stories with them. I like to think of it as a win-win. You get information from someone and someone gets their story out there. Human-interest stories are always good to work on especially with something compelling. I just wrote about (Texans DT) Devon Still and his daughter who beat cancer, and I had a lot of fun talking with Devon and his family about her. They were very proud of her.”