If you’re reading this, you probably already know that, at Inside the League, we try to help the football professional succeed at his trade. That’s whether you’re an agent, trainer, financial advisor, coach, scout, marketing professional, parent of a player, player or anyone else associated with the game.

Our help for some people starts before they are even officially part of the game. For example, you’ve probably heard about our practice exam for NFL agent hopefuls. You might also have seen our short video on it. Maybe you’re even sick of hearing about it. But the bottom line is, for seven years, we’ve been helping people get ready for one of the tougher written exams in sports (it has a less than 50 percent passage rate). Say what you will about the NFLPA (and we’ve said plenty), but the players association takes its certification of contract advisors seriously.

Perhaps as a tip of the cap to the NFL, Major League Baseball recently started testing its would-be agents, as well. In fact, in just about 10 days (Aug. 30), the MLBPA will offer one of its two annual testing dates. Two tests will be offered: a General Certification exam with 50 questions and a Limited Certification exam with 40 questions. Applicants will have up to three hours to complete either exam. The test is open-book (though no electronic devices will be allowed), and will be preceded on Aug. 29 by a seminar introducing the basic concepts to be tested, a la the NFLPA exam.

For the first time, this year, we’re offering a practice exam for those fine folks who’ll be  trying their hand at MLB certification. Our test has 30 questions, and it’s written by someone who recently took (and passed) the exam, so it’s authentic. Still, it’s new, so it’s not nearly as polished as our time-tested football agent exam. As such, there are still a few trims and edits we have to do, and those who complete it won’t yet have access to the same explanation of how we arrived at the answers (though that’s coming later).

Still, we feel it will be helpful for everyone taking it, and the best part of all is that, for the next couple weeks, it’s totally free. Of course, there are caveats. If you take us up on our offer, we’ll ask you for a little feedback on our exam before (and after) you take the actual test in New York. Our aim, as always, is a seamless practice test that gives you a much better chance to pass than others, as our football exam does (our passage rate is about 70 percent, vs. about 45 percent for the at-large test-taking population). We’re not going to pester you and not going to spam you — just a few questions about how we did, before and after, is all we ask.

Ready to sign up? Register here. Make sure not to make your username and password too crazy or long (for some reason, our database prefers five characters or less, and hates the # character). Once you get to the pay wall, you’re done — just drop us an email (nstratton at insidetheleague dot com) to let us know. Since there’s no payment protocol set up, we won’t get a notification otherwise. Then we’ll activate you, and you’ll be ready to go.

Sound fair? We hope so. It’s all part of our efforts to not only help people succeed in football, but succeed in sports. Good luck!