If there’s one thing I always hear from agents, it’s that their clients regularly ask them for off-the-field marketing opportunities — endorsements, paid social media posts, signing shows, etc.
Well, if you’re a contract advisor in that situation, I’d like to introduce Inside the League’s newest partner, VKTRY Performance Insoles. Hey, athletes preparing for the combine and their respective pro days, take heed: VKTRY is the only performance insole on the market and has been proven to reduce injuries and increase explosiveness.
VKTRY Performance Insoles (VKs) are made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, weigh less than one ounce, and fit comfortably in all athletic footwear. VKs are custom-made for each athlete and are available in five different levels of flexibility to optimize comfort, performance and protection for the athlete.
VKTRY worked closely with the football programs at N.C. State, Texas A&M, Duke and Northern Illinois to gather research data on injuries with or without wearing VKs. These schools reported team injury statistics to VKTRY following the 2017 season. Teams experienced 41% less foot/toe injures using VKs and 22% less lower-leg injuries. More than 170 professional and NCAA teams are currently using VKTRY, including LSU, Texas A&M, Auburn and TCU on the college level and the Saints, Eagles and Titans in the NFL.
Along with the hundreds and hundreds of individual elite athletes wearing them, there were more than 50 invitees to the 2018 NFL Combine wore VKs, and this year, there are 20 projected first-rounders wearing VKs during combine prep. While everyone seems to be offering helmets, mouthpieces, shoes, pads and accessories of every stripe, VKTRY is the only one that I know of offering insoles. And the best part is, they can improve performance whether it’s on the field or at a school’s pro day. 
On the other hand, maybe here’s the best part: VKTRY is looking to sponsor 10-15 NFL player camps or events this offseason and summer. I can vouch for Doug Oomen, Director of Elite Teams at VKTRY. I’ve known Doug for at least 10 years and he’s as connected in the football world as about anyone I know, and that only happens when you pay your dues, prove yourself reliable and don’t burn bridges. And Doug’s not about to start now.
If you represent an NFL starter (any position) and you’d like to discuss opportunities with Doug, reach out to him at 312-933-7529 or doug.oomen@vktrygear.com.