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The pro football season is a little less than 100 days away. Still, if you’re a rabid fan of the NFL, there may be a way to get your fix before camps start.

The event goes by the name 40 Yards of Gold, and the competitors intend to declare the “King of Speed” in the NFL by fusing entertainment and technology. They will do so utilizing what Quince Imaging calls, “projection mapping.” For the first time in history, fans will get to witness the new technology, which will create illusions on the field that make the participants appear to be running on futuristic platforms.

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is an experience that needs to be seen to be fully understood. That’s why we dug up this video to help provide a visual. Professional sports are not a new arena for Quince, which is considered to be an industry leader in projection mapping and has also worked with Major League Baseball.

A couple of weeks ago, Saints wide out Ted Ginn declared that he’s “willing to race anyone for “$10,000 or better.” Now he’ll get a chance to put his money where his mouth is, with a twist. While no details of background images have been announced, projection mapping technology could make it appear that Ginn is running in outer space, on the moon, or on top of Mount Everest. It certainly will add to the entertainment value of the event, which will be held June 29 in Miami at a venue to be determined.

In addition to Ginn, the tournament will also feature NFL players Alvin Kamara (Saints), Kevin Byard (Titans), Corey Coleman (Giants), Robby Anderson (Jets), Mark Ingram (Ravens), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Redskins), Trae Waynes (Vikings) and many more. Seeds will be determined by fan voting. Anyone interested in casting a ballot can do so here.

There will also be separate tournaments for youth, high school and college athletes. These respective races will be dubbed the ‘Gods of Speed’ competitions.

Additional website features will include highlights, interviews, articles, original content and much more, offering fans an inside look at the fastest players in the sport. For good measure, the event is also expected to have live music performances and fan features.

While many have clamored for the NFL to bring back the QB Challenge, this might be the next best thing. No word yet on if the 40 Yards of Gold event will be televised. Stay tuned! For more information on registration and tickets, click here.

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