After our “bye week,” we’re on a new platform, and we’re pretty excited to be part of the NFL Draft Bible on Sports Illustrated network. There are a lot of informative podcasts there, and we encourage you to give them a listen.

You came here to read about our Best Player Available Podcast, however, so here are a few things I found interesting from my discussion of the 2017 NFL Draft with former Giants scout Mike Murphy.

On the value of quickness vs. size over the football: “What happens with (quicker defensive linemen) is they can get isolated on the guard, and they’ve got the quickness inside, they’re close to the football, and that’s Tony Dungy’s thing. He wants the quickness and speed closest to the football, and that works out. Depends on what you’re running. I know with Bill Parcells, he wanted the speed outside, would make everything spill outside, and Tony Dungy was more, he wanted the speed and quickness inside because they’re close to the football, so it all depends on what you’re running.”

On why he believed in Washington WO John Ross despite his limited resume out of college: “He had . . . elite speed, and that’s the scary thing to take the top off of things. I remember (longtime NFL defensive coordinator) Gunther Cunningham, (he) always talked about (James) Jett in Oakland. That was the thing. If you stretch the field, it changes things for your defense and your offense. If somebody can take the top off, and then catch the ball, it changes what you do on the back end and helps your running game out, and I guess he hasn’t, obviously, lived up to the hype.”

On the role of coaches in scouting: “If you run into a situation where the coach doesn’t want (a draftee) at all, and you pick him, they’re not gonna play them. Now, granted, the coach might not be there very long if that’s the case on a consistent basis, but you have to be able to come to some kind of agreement where, ‘OK, they’re not gonna coach this guy, so let’s not bother taking him for one reason or another.’ So yes, (Jerry Reese) was a scout’s GM, but he also very much took into consideration the coaches.”

On the mock drafts NFL teams use: “You know, everybody’s got their own mock draft. I think it was (former Dallas Morning News columnist Rick) Gosselin, and he had his top 100 out of Dallas, and he was kinda somehow tapped into the league and had a good idea of who the top 100 players were gonna go off the board, but you had different mock drafts you used. . . (Gosselin) was a big part of our draft process, especially in Seattle. That was one that they used out there with (GM) Tim (Ruskell) when he came in, so that was one that he would put up there and he would follow through who the top 100 guys were.”

There’s a lot more where that came from. Make sure to tune in. For a look at our coming shows as we round out the series, check out tomorrow’s Friday Wrap. You can register for it here.