Many people aspire to represent NFL players and live the fast-paced life of an NFL contract advisor. I can tell you that the jobs of NFL agents are not easy, and these days, their jobs are harder than ever.

Last night, we hosted a Zoom with about 30 NFL contract advisors, most of them certified last summer. Hosting the Zoom, along with myself, was Rodrik David of Agent Live 360. Rodrik was an NFL scout with the Falcons until last fall.

After an hour-long session that turned out to be pretty far-reaching, here are the issues on agents’ minds with the USFL draft next week, the combine the week after, and pro days kicking off immediately following the events in Indianapolis.

USFL: Most people last night remained frustrated for a number of reasons with the new league. Frustrations are related to the following:

  • Lack of consistent communication and answers to questions on the league.
  • Lack of transparency on who’s in the player pool and how to get a yes/no on players under consideration.
  • Questions on how to get acknowledgment that a player has been correctly submitted for consideration in the player pool.
  • Lack of clear direction on whether or not players can attend their pro day, an NFL training camp, or an XFL tryout over the next two years if he signs a USFL contract.

Pro Days: Given that so many players took their Covid “bonus” year last year, it’s a crowded draft class this year. That’s one reason why so many FBS schools have gone from requiring two referrals from NFL scouts to gain entry to a pro day to three scouts. I was even told today that one Big Ten school is requiring 10 scout referrals. Obviously, that’s tantamount to saying their pro day is closed.

Combine: The last combine in Indianapolis is setting up as a downer. Though Covid protocols are being loosened across the nation, the NFL is still acting like it’s the latter months of 2020. Players will be restricted in their movements, and while some trainers will still have full access to them, others won’t. Combine that with the NFLPA’s decision to make this year’s agent seminar virtual and the NFL’s decision to have players work out at night, during primetime, and it could be a much quieter and less busy downtown Indianapolis this year. That would be a disappointing end to two-plus decades in Indiana.

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