Thursday, I’ll join my friend Matt Manocherian of Sports Information Systems on his excellent Off the Charts podcast. Matt’s a former NFL scout, which is one of the reasons I love chopping it up with his team. The topics we discuss are a little more “inside football” than your garden variety podcast.

If you’re reading this blog, that’s probably your bag, so I encourage you to look for it when it’s published Friday morning. Matt will publish the link on his Twitter page probably Thursday night.

Here’s a list of some of the thing we might discuss.

  • There are new GMs in New York, Minnesota, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Las Vegas. Each has put his stamp on his new team in different ways. We’ll look at each, and what their hirings and firings mean about their team-building philosophies.
  • We almost saw Josh McCown go from the field to the head coach of the Texans this past offseason. You never see that in scouting, where things are much more ordered. For example, you’ll never, ever see an area scout jump straight to the GM seat. We’ll talk a little about the scouts who made it to the director and national levels this offseason and what it means for their respective futures.
  • On the other hand, the Giants have chosen (so far) not to name a Director of College Scouting. Why is this? Does this harm them?
  • The NFL’s new rule giving teams third-round picks for staffers of color who get hired as GMs has been a game-changer. I’m starting to hear of teams that are hoarding talented mid-level minority executives in hopes that they’ll land a future draft pick. I’ve even heard of a team blocking one such executive’s opportunity because he wasn’t leaving for a GM post. It’s an interesting and multi-layered topic.
  • Lots of teams have remodeled their front offices but haven’t made official announcements yet. Part of that can be chalked up to a desire to wait until after rookie mini-camps; most teams wait until the second weekend post-draft to have their draftees, UDFAs and tryout players in, and they want their scouts around until the players leave. Part of this is also because some teams write their scouts’ contracts to run from June 1 to May 31. But I think there’s more to it.

What am I missing? What are you curious about? I’d love to hear more ideas besides what Matt and I can come up with. Please tweet me if you have something else in mind.

As we’ve done all month, we’ll be running down all the moves and telling you what they mean in our Friday Wrap. If you’re not already registered for it, I highly recommend it. Register here.