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Well, where should I begin? I guess I’ll just dive right in.

If you’re here, you probably follow me on Twitter, or have met me at an all-star game, or have heard I’m some guy that talks about how to get a job in football. You may be an aspiring NFL agent or scout. You may have received one of our newsletters series specifically for NFL financial advisors, NFL contract advisors, parents of prospective NFL players or combine prep trainers. You might also know me from my work with Champions Search Firm, which helps schools fill vacancies on their athletic staffs, especially in Texas. If you’re any of these people, welcome.

If you’re not any of them but you’ve found this page, welcome just the same. As you may or may not know, Inside the League, my regular site, is widely read by people in the business of football, college and pro. Here’s a brief bio. We’ve been blessed to work with the contract advisors for about two-thirds of players in the NFL plus most of the major financial firms and top combine prep facilities. We don’t do mock drafts, or player rankings, or rants, or stats. Just straight talk and info for people in the business. However, until now, I didn’t really have a platform for speaking to those who don’t need the directed, somewhat nuanced information we provide at ITL. Many folks, young and old, are serious about being a sports management professional but don’t quite know where to get started. Well, we want to help.

We’ve started to offer hands-on aid to people who are trying to get a leg up on the industry, and we’ll share what we’ve learned here. We’ll also share words of wisdom and experience from people who are already living their football dreams. That might take the form of interviews, or YouTube videos, or whatever. The main thing is, we are excited about people who are excited about making football their profession, and we want to help.

Rather than droning on and on, I’ll close for now. But I’ll be back. If you have any ideas on topics, or want to talk further about the industry, or anything else, you can reach me here.

Thanks for joining me on this ride, wherever it takes us. It’s gonna be fun. I can hardly wait for tomorrow.