On Monday, we touched on the makeup of the people who’ll be taking the NFLPA exam this week. Today, a few thoughts about the week itself.

  •  The area around the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown is a little barren for pubs and in-and-out restaurants, making quick lunch trips tricky and late-night beverage runs even trickier. That means most folks hunker down at the Ritz and make it their ‘island home’ for the 72 hours or so that they’re in town. At $400-plus/night and around $10 for a beer, that makes for some pretty pricey accommodations. And if you stay over ’til Saturday, make sure not to miss the $45 Yoga brunch! (Just kidding. I have no idea how you combine ‘yoga’ and ‘brunch.)
  • If you’re wondering, no, I won’t be staying there this week. I’m a ‘budget’ traveler. Actually, my wife and kids say I’m a ‘budget’ everything.
  • The relative ‘remoteness’ of the Ritz makes for some interesting stories. After the 2012 NFLPA exam, for instance, a big name in the football business — and this name is instantly recognizable to anyone who follows the industry — was re-taking the exam, and nearly got into a fight with another test-taker shortly after the exam finished that Friday afternoon.
  • If you’re around the Ritz this week, you won’t just be rubbing elbows with future contract negotiation heavyweights. There’s also a former amateur boxer of some note who lives there. Or does he?
  • On a more serious note, the masses huddling in one spot makes for some interesting relationships forming. Many times, the unsuspecting attorney in town to learn the ropes and make a few colleagues meets up with a former runner looking to take the test and find someone with deep pockets, and in short order, (financial) disaster ensues. This is a key lesson to learn in the industry. It’s kinda like the old joke: What’s the best way to make a small fortune in football? Start with a large fortune.
  • Make sure you come back tomorrow for War Story Wednesday. I’ve got the funniest story about the NFLPA exam in the history of funny stories about the NFLPA agent exam.