Johnstown, Pa.-based Casey Muir of CRM Sports Management is a longtime ITL client who was certified in 2010. Brick by brick, he’s carved out a niche in the business despite launching his agent career without significant financial backing or affiliation with an established firm.

Though Casey has found his way in the business, it wasn’t always such a smooth ride. Take his experience on Exam Day 2010. Here’s his story, in his own words:

“So this was the agent exam of 2010, the last one before the lockout, and it was pouring, an absolute monsoon in D.C. the day of the agent exam.

“I was staying at a friend’s place outside of D.C. and took the Metro in, and when I left my friend’s place, it was not raining. So I get on the Metro, get off the Metro, and it was an absolute monsoon, just a complete downpour. The Metro let me off about four blocks away from the Four Seasons, which is where they gave the test back then.

“I walk through the doors and it looked like I had just jumped into a swimming pool. I was dressed business casual, and my slacks, shoes, socks, shirt, everything was soaking wet. I had my bag and study materials, which were also soaking wet. So I said to the girl at the receptionist’s desk, ‘Do you have a dryer?’ And she’s just looking at me dripping a puddle in the hotel lobby, and she said, ‘Hold on, I’ll be right back, let me get a manager.’

“So I’m standing there and people are coming in with their umbrellas, and everyone’s just looking at me. That’s before I had an iphone, so I had no weather app. We’ll blame it on that.

“But anyway, they’re like, ‘Listen, go in the bathroom and take off what you want us to dry,’ and I take off everything. I think I still had my boxers on. So this dude from the hotel comes in and gives me a robe and slippers, and I’m like, ‘All right, here we go,’ and I’m about to go in and take the test.

“So while I’m putting this robe on, other people are coming in and going out of the bathroom. Another guy looks at me and he’s soaking wet, too, and so he did the same thing. So there’s two of us who walk into the exam wearing a robe and slippers. I have to go through registration in my robe and my Four Seasons slippers. I took the test, and sometime during the test, they brought me my clothes. It was a nightmare, and you talk about embarrassing. . . .

“That’s how I started my career as a sports agent. In a robe and slippers. And now look at me, you know. So no matter what anyone does on that test this weekend, they’re not going to start out any worse than I did, and I turned out OK. I took a selfie in the bathroom of me in my robe. It might have been my first selfie. It was an interesting experience for sure.”