Tonight, Episode 3 of ‘The Agent’ starts at 10E/9C. Here are a few things to look for.

  • Sunny Shah’s firm, 320 Sports, is bought out: Each week in the intro, we get to hear that Shah had back-to-back Top 15 picks, and that’s obviously real success (though in fairness, one of those picks fired him shortly after the draft). Hearing this, one might think, why would he want to merge? The answer is simple. The business is incredibly volatile, and agents are always on a boom-or-bust cycle. Though you could hit it big one year, there are absolutely no guarantees that success will carry over. A regular salary, health insurance, and a 401(k) are not in the picture when you launch your agency. Shah sees a window to a ‘normal’ life and takes it.
  • Indiana’s Tevin Coleman picks an agent: Last week, we saw Ed Wasielewski deal with the disappointment of losing out on Connecticut’s Byron Jones, who went on to be the first-round selection of the Cowboys. This week, we are taken into the conference room where Team Coleman conducts its final interviews, and we find out if Ed’s multiple cross-country trips bear fruit. During the first episode, I noted that the Colemans conducted their final interviews in a unique way. I’ll illustrate and expand on that tonight during my live-tweet.
  • Pro Source signs two players: Jeff Guerriero’s firm didn’t make so much as a cameo in last week’s show, but this week, they have a pretty prominent role. An impact defensive lineman (Kentucky DT Za’Darius Smith) and a long shot cornerback (Grambling’s Tyree Hollins) sign on the dotted line, and we get to see what’s next as they line up residences, begin training, etc. One thing I think this illustrates is the regional nature of recruiting for most firms. So far, we’ve seen Guerriero and Co. sign a player from Alabama (Smith) and Louisiana (Hollins) and recruit a player from the agency’s hometown (Mississippi State’s Dillon Day). Presuming you have the licenses and the resources, there are no restrictions on where you recruit, but the expenses of casting a wide net usually preclude most agencies from traveling too far.

If you’re interested in the business of football and how decisions are shaped off the field, I hope you’ll tune in tonight. While you’re watching, I hope you’ll check out our live tweet. We’ll be sending out 50-60 bits of information and analysis during tonight’s broadcast. See you tonight!