Peter Schaffer w-clients in Fla

Today, for WSW, I thought I’d tell the back story associated with something you’ll see next Tuesday on ‘The Agent,’ and that you saw a glimpse of in the tease at the end of the show.

Next week, Episode 4 showcases Peter Schaffer of Authentic Athletix as he brings in former Dolphins scout Mike Murphy to put three prospects through interview training. He sits down with Florida State DE Mario Edwards Jr. (2/35, Raiders), Louisville SS Gerod Holliman (7/239, Steelers) and Syracuse OB Dyshawn Davis (UDFA, Steelers), asking them the tough questions they’re likely to hear from scouts. Questions about disciplinary situations and arrests, drug use, injuries and other ‘negatives’ that might be part of each of their background.

This is a common practice; more and more, ex-scouts are hired by agents to help their clients become more comfortable during the scouting process. At ITL, we help connect agents to former scouts all the time.

At any rate, you’ll see a lot more than just three players sitting at the table with Mike. You’ll actually see quite a few older gentlemen sitting there (as you see in the picture above), and there’s a reason for that.

At 53, Peter remains a competitive lacrosse player, and annually plays in a major national tournament for players 40 and over. The tournament, held in Florida over Martin Luther King weekend, falls on the days when the Shrine Game is played (Saturday) and the Sunday before players arrive in Mobile, Ala., for the Shrine Game. It’s a brief break during a busy time.

Every year, for the tournament, Peter rents a house in Ft. Lauderdale, where several of the lacrosse players bunk for the weekend, as well as his draft clients. Many of his lacrosse teammates are graduates of Ivy League and other esteemed schools (Cornell, Franklin & Marshall, Brown and other schools). Another teammate, Anthony Katagas, is now a major Hollywood producer (he won an Academy Award for ’12 Years a Slave’).

Last year, to create an interesting scenario for ‘The Agent,’ Peter decided to conduct an experiment. He pits his lacrosse buddies, most of them doctors, lawyers and captains of industry, against his players as they take the Wunderlich, the basic intelligence test for the football industry. It’s almost like a 12-minute SAT exam.

Peter hinted that he created distractions during the test, aside from the cameras chronicling every move at the table. He also said his teammates’ scores, as compared to those of his clients, were pretty comparable.

It will be interesting to see what develops. We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out. I hope you’ll check it out.