As I write this, we are exactly 24 hours away from the apex of Agent Week 2019, the exam itself. By most estimates, around 200 people will take the test tomorrow afternoon.

Statistically, the ones who’ve used our study materials will do best, passing at better than a two-thirds rate. Those who don’t will fail more than half the time.

Here are a few unsolicited testimonials from people who are in the room today.

  • “Definitely ready to take this exam on Friday thanks to you!”
  • “Thank you for all the support throughout the prep process. The newsletters have been very insightful as well.”
  • “It’s goin’ great! I really appreciate (the study guide)! I’m studying it hard as ever!”
  • “Thanks to you I’m feeling more than confident!”
  • Practice exam 2 was extremely helpful.”
  • “I can’t thank you enough for your help and especially the (study guide). It’s incredible; I’d be completely screwed without it.”
  • “I really appreciate you! And the tests you have are a big help!”
  • “Man, so far that study guide has been spot on.”
  • “Thank God I have your (study guide).”
  • I’m feeling very good about it because of your practice exam so I’m really glad I signed up. Your service was a lifesaver. . . Thank you so much again, your help will truly be the reason I pass!

If you’re sitting alongside these people today, best of luck, and I really hope you pass the exam. But if you’re feeling even a little bit unsure of what’s ahead, and your chances tomorrow, please give us a shot.