As promised, we’re back to share a few last thoughts after a whirlwind week in Washington, D.C. Based on conversations and comments from dozens of test-takers — many of which were shared in last week’s Friday Wrap — here’s what we learned.

The General Licensing Agreement question was tricky: Here’s how one agent hopeful framed it: “The GLA question was absurdly construed the way it was asked. I understood everything having to do with the GLAs, but that question was the hardest for me to answer just because of how it was worded.” If you are one of those people taking the exam next year (or possibly re-taking it), watch out for that question.

We’re pretty sure former NFL great Marshall Faulk took the exam: More than one test-taker claimed he saw the former Rams rusher in the exam room. “I did see Marshall Faulk about five minutes before the test was about to begin and still had second thoughts as to whether it was him or not. Very interested to see what his plans are; glad that other people saw him, too.”

Don’t rely too much on the pre-test seminar: This is something we constantly preach. Very often, test-takers roll into D.C. thinking they can learn everything the day before the test, but this is risky at best. “The NFLPA seminar was really good and informative,” said one. “However, prospective agents should not rely on the seminar to provide them with the data they will need to pass the test (it doesn’t take the place of rigorous studying).”

Our prep materials will give anyone taking the exam an edge: At the risk of sounding arrogant, we feel really good about the services we offer, and we’re confident that no one else can match what we provide. “Neil, I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that I would not have been able to navigate studying for the exam without your notes and outline,” said one very kind client. “A tremendous help.”

For now, we’re playing the waiting game with the numerous people we worked with over the last several weeks. We’re expecting results in a month to six weeks. In the meantime, consider signing up for our Friday Wrap. Thousands of people across the industry use it for a regular review of the business, and we think you should, too.