On Aug. 30, we had two name, image and likeness experts, Peter Schoenthal of Athliance and Sammy Spina of Vantage Management Group, join us on Zoom to give a thorough overview of today’s NIL landscape. Anyone interested in how to make money in the interest got an awful lot of information on how to approach this new area of the industry. However, we’re not done.

Next month, Sammy will join us again for a four-class course on how to break through and turn NIL from a theoretical financial windfall to a legitimate, steady revenue source. Our classes will be Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 4-5, and the following Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 11-12. Cost is $100 plus tax (sign up here). There’s a trick to it, obviously, and it all starts with getting honest questions answered. 

When it comes to those questions, I’m interested in two things: how an agent identifies and recruits a player ideal for NIL marketing, and how an agent finds business opportunities for the client. We touched on that in our Zoom last month, but this is going to be a real close-up look on how to make money.

Here are some of the questions I’m seeking to get answered:

  • How long does it take to build a book of contacts, a network I can rely on?
  • How long will it take to make money while I build that network?
  • What kind of businesses most often seek lasting relationships? 
  • What is the key to a successful media post? How can I measure and repeat that success?
  • How do you turn a successful solicitation into repeat business with multiple clients?
  • How do you assess your client to find out how to best position him for NIL success?
  • What do you tell a client who wants to know how long it will take to make money with NIL?
  • How do you explain to a client that success will require effort on his part, i.e., that NIL isn’t a completely passive revenue stream?
  • When do you “cut bait” with a client? When do you know he’s not a good fit for NIL?
  • What’s the best ratio of success on the field and NIL aptitude? Can you succeed if a client has only one of the two?
  • How much time and effort should a client be expected to give away for free before he can start charging? How does he best spend that time?
  • What happens if you build a book of business in one area, then your client enters the transfer portal?
  • How do you exploit a client’s potential as an anti-hero in a rival market? Is it possible?
  • What does a basic NIL agreement between an agent and client look like? What does an agreement between a client and a business look like?

If you have the same questions, I hope you can join us. Nothing will be out of bounds, and we want this to be a real difference-making session.

We’ll have more details in our Friday Wrap, which comes out later today. Register for the Wrap here.